How Green Are We?

We at Quenchers are green people.

At home we have always recycled what we can, conserved water and energy and composted food and garden waste, avoided heavily packaged groceries and bought locally produced goods where possible to minimise our carbon footprint.

At Quenchers it’s the same. And while we can’t yet afford a rooftop veggie garden and solar panels, we do separate our paper, plastic and can waste, stock locally sourced and grown produce and give our coffee grind and fruit pulp to local schools and community gardens to be composted, thus reducing our landfill waste.

In addition, we have committed to make all of our take-away packaging sustainable and biodegradable! So far you can enjoy fresh juices and coffees in fully biodegradable and compostable take-away cups (lids included). We have plantation pine spoons to go with your sundaes and fruit salads and compostable cutlery to eat your baked potato with, served in a biodegradable box made from begasse. We have a bin available instore for any of these compostable items to be disposed of for composting.

Watch this space for further eco-innovations and thank-you for helping us to preserve our beautiful environment.

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